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Narasimha Rao for teaching the classes to benefit all astrology.

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We are thankful to Pt. Sanjay Rath for the astrology conferences and allowing us to associate with Sri. We are thankful to Sri. Narayan Iyer of Sri Jagannath Center for readily accepting our request to proofread. Our sincere thanks to Sri. Prabhu Hingorani and Smt. Any mistakes in this book are totally on that part of us, the students and will rectify them as they are.

We hope this volume will supplement the mp3 audio as volume-I did. We realized that when we wanted to go back and listen to a particular concept, it has been very difficult to track where that concept was talked about and in which lesson. So, it was an idea to provide a summary of each class highlighting the topics covered and the keynotes for each of the classes. That is the purpose of this book. A different student summarized each lesson and we tried to keep the overall format of the structure very similar.

Each of the classes has several important concepts covered, examples solved along with key points in astrology that were relevant to the topic of discussion but, not really part of the concept that was being talked about. In most cases other than the obvious the name of the person in the example charts is left out in this book so that, the listener of the audio will not be biased while analyzing the chart. In this volume we are capturing all lessons from 46 through 77 which were taught between July and August Narasimha Rao for teaching the classes to benefit all astrology students.

Sanjay Rath for the astrology conferences and allowing us to associate with Sri Jagannath Center for learning of Vedic Astrology.

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Narayan Iyer of Sri Jagannath Center for readily accepting our request to proofread and provide guidance. Our thanks to Master Manasvi Putcha for the graphics on the cover design. Any mistakes in this book are totally on that part of us, the students and will rectify them as they are noticed.

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Lesson 47 Shastiamsa. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted June 28, I just go there and speak. The real effort behind the site is his. He is a very sincere and spiritual gentleman. I do plan to continue the classes until all the students have a good background in most of the fundamentals.

After 40 classes are done, we plan to burn CDs with all the MP3's and distribute them for the benefit of those who don't have a broadband connection.

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Several students at this class are beginners and hence I am starting from the basics and slowly building the concepts. So it may be boring for some, but very approapriate for some others. Some other members sent mails to me thanking me for my generosity.

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  5. At the risk of sounding pompous, I must say that I am not doing anyone a favor. After all, this knowledge is not my "property".

    Lesson 9 - vedic astrology by PVR Narasimha Rao

    It belongs to maharshis and many great teachers from whom I got it. Knowledge should never be treated like money or other material properties. I sincerely believe that I have no rights over Jyotish knowledge and I only have some responsibilities. It should always be shared with the worthy. It is foolish to think of one's knowledge as one's property.

    Knowledge is the only thing that increases when it is shared! Su shows the soul within you. Su is the king of your existence.


    Ma represented by Subrahmanya, stands for the initiative, drive and aggression. Ma shows career. Ma shows the drive to do things. Has the same energy as Subrahmanya.

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    Ma governs the spirit of energy. Mo represents the mind and shows the mood. Mo also th represents the shodasa-kalas and the 16 divisional chart - shodasa varga chakra is ruled by Mo. Mo shows the mind — sometimes empty and sometimes full. The moon goes through various phases — 16 in total. Such as happy or sad — this also referred to mood swings. Me governs the learning ability. Ju did accept TaraDevi and Me as a student. You can end this by surrendering or disassociation. In Buddhism Tara Devi is Humility is about giving and pride can be defeated by humility.

    Vamana is represented by learned humility. Vamana represents Ju is Satwik planet, Me is Rajasik planet and both are Soumya this humility. A very learned Brahmin — a dwarf is a grahas. Ju takes 12 years to go round the Mind needs some input from intelligence — which needs an zodiac. Parasurama Avatara is formed with Venusian energy.

    Ve was i.

    Mo mind gets the input from Ju intelligence through Me also a Brahmin but is Rajasik in nature. Ve — is the spirit of learning ability enjoyment — lives within you. You have material prosperity and Chandra eloped with Tara Devi wife of Jupiter. Bruhaspati is sensual enjoyment. When Rama represented by Su met Guru Ideal teacher. One should look at the manifestation of this story within and surrendered to Rama. This unfolds into astrological world as us. Ju is referred to an ideal teacher and Me and ideal student.


    001 Lessons in Astrology

    When Ju and Su are together, it is The mind needs agent — uses Bhudha who acts as an agent. This holds true even if Su is debilitated. On Tara Devi shows the expression of intelligence or the female the other hand, when Ve and Su are close, Ve loses its energy part of the intelligence. Buddha is born from Mo and Tara Devi to Su.

    This is called combustion.

    A visual guide to the NOT planets

    Ve gets combusted.